Back To Life Review – Is It Worth Consideration?

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In this Back To Life review, we are going to take an in-depth look at its exercises, its author, pros and cons and most importantly its benefits. Once you are done reading this review, you will have a much better understanding of this program and you able to take a better buying decision.

Emily Lark’s Back To Life is a simple core-strengthening program and helps in treating back pain, inflammation, posture misalignment, and Crossed Syndrome. The foundation of this program is a 3-level stretching exercise.

Therapists often use stretching exercises as an effective protocol for releasing tight muscles while reducing back pain as well. Emily Lark’s program is simple, all it takes is just 10 minutes a day for three weeks to show results.

Is It Practical?

Back painYes! Back To Life program is so simple and time efficient that it can be implemented with any other workout program.

All these stretching exercises want you to perform stretching while sitting on a chair, sofa or at the edge of your bed. This means you can even implement this program while on vacation, making it best for people who are looking for a simple daily rehab program.

Emily Lark’s program is not restricted to just healing back pain; it also helps in strengthening the core to allow the body to heal itself and also get rid of NSAIDs as well.

Back To Life program just not claim to reduce and eliminate back pain but also provide 3-part video series to harness the healing ability of mind and body to heal pain and inflammation in the body.

Emily has provided a complete structure that you can use to recover from back pain and wean yourself from inflammatory drugs and prescribe medicines.

Below mentioned is the information about how this program works, its benefits and the credibility of its author which is important for an online rehab program.

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What’s Inside The Back To Life Program?

Emily Lark divided this program in such a way that users can easily understand it and start utilizing it. Once you access the download page, you will see videos and PDFs.

Video Section:

In this section, Emily talks about exercises that reduce her back pain which gives a personal touch to this program. There are two videos in this section. Both are the same videos, but the only difference is one is with background music and one is without it.

Back To Life level 1 videoIn these videos, Emily shows you how to perform these exercises and how to incorporate this 10-minute routine in your life. According to her, this routine is simple, and you can do it anytime to get a strong, healthy and pain-free body.

These exercises develop healthy muscle and mind connection. There is a connection between mind and body when it comes to pain relief.

It is essential to perform these exercises slowly and gradually. In the beginning few days, it is normal to experience muscle soreness. If this happens then drink a lot of water or go outside for a brisk walk as it will improve blood flow and flush out lactic acid that causes muscle soreness.

Take time and perform these exercises as much as possible to make your body stronger and more flexible.

Back To Life Companion Manual:

back to life companion manualThis 22 pages companion manual contains pictures, instructions, and tips on how to perform these exercises to get maximum advantages from them.

The best thing I like in this book is the PICTURES. I have reviewed many health programs, and I know many authors who don’t provide clear pictures and proper instructions for exercises.

Thankfully, this is not the same case with Emily Lark. She has done great work by posting pictures that make it easy for users to understand how to perform these exercises. Along with that, Emily has also provided instructions on how to level up your exercise routine to avoid injury.

I also love the breathing technique that is shared in this book. This program aims to show you how to create strong connection between mind and body to reduce pain.

The Healthy Back Checklist:

back to life check listThis eBook contains a list of 10 simple tips that can impact your body especially the back region. You don’t have to perform these tips together; instead, you can spread these tips throughout the day. You can also use these tips with other activities of the day.

For example, there is an example for the ‘Sitting’ that you can while sitting at the dinner table. Another example is for ‘Sleep Positions’ that can improve your sleeping posture and reduce the chances of back pain. Like these, there are ten other tips can improve overall health.

These small things can make a significant impact when it comes to health. So make sure you don’t miss them. You can put the note on your table or set the reminder in your phone to remind you to use these tips.

Who Will Get Benefit From This Program?

If you are tired of medicines, injections, devices, etc. and your back pain is coming again and again then you should read this Back To Life review till the end as it contains useful information that can treat your back pain permanently.

This program will benefit anyone with the back pain, doesn’t matter gender, age or severity of pain. This program is ideal for youngsters and seniors above 50, as this is the age when back muscles usually start protesting.

If you are finding yourself hooked up on drugs for temporary pain relief and fed up of wasting your money on costly therapist appointments, then you will really like this 3-part video series program as it is easily implemented anywhere and anytime without any shiny gadget. All you need is a chair to perform these stretching exercises.

Emily Lark’s program demands just 10 minutes a day for three weeks to provide results. These 3 progressive phrases don’t put undue pressure on back muscles and improve overall body posture.

All in all, this program will benefit those people who are looking for a simple, time efficient and effective step-by-step program from a qualified and professional instructor (more on this later).

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Back To Life Strategy:

Back To Life programEmily Lark designed this program in such a way that it fights with the most common causes of back pain such as inflammation, posture misalignment, and Crossed Syndrome.

Cellular Inflammation is the major cause of most life-threatening diseases as it is a result of undue stress on the body for a prolonged time.

Posture misalignment such as forward head posture is another main contributor to back pain. Even posture misalignment of just 5% can result in chronic stress on the back muscle as it creates misbalance of loads. This situation becomes worst if the person is overweight.

Crossed Syndrome is the health condition that is caused by repetitive trauma. Crossed Syndrome creates fault lines or areas of vulnerability that pull the spine out from healthy alignment. Although the general consensus about treating this health condition is using expensive devices, which the author Emily Lark begs to differ.

Emily Lark has demonstrated how the human body has an impressive self-healing capacity. You should not miss Emily’s write up about the power of mind and body that Big Pharmacy companies don’t want you to know as they want you to keep relying on their medicines so they can make profits. Emily Lark has a point here; people often forget the healing ability of their body and keep relying on drugs.

Emily has provided a step-by-step video-series in this program that combines the power of the body and mind with the core-strengthening exercises to help you get off from pain-killers in a progressive way.

Here is the video in which Emily has revealed how these core-strengthening exercises really work. Video will open in new tab:


What Are Emily Lark Credentials?

Emily Lark is the owner and creator of Back to Life program and also a Yoga Studio in Chicago, United States.

emily larkEmily is working as a wellness and yoga coach since 2004. Emily has quickly become popular in the community due to her down-to-the-earth and inspirational way of teaching. Since then, Emily has taught in many fitness center and gyms.

After growing up in poverty, she opened a yoga and Pilates studio to provide mind and physical wellness teaching to everyone. Her yoga studio in Chicago is for everyone and providing services especially to low-cost and low-key classes of people from every walk of life.

Emily suffered a major car accident when she was just 12 years that left her with chronic back pain. At the age of 28, this back pain got so severe that she had to quit her career to get the treatment for this back pain. She consulted doctors for her back pain who suggested surgery, but she decided there should be a better way.

Emily talked with many back experts and used her knowledge about the human body to design a core-strengthening exercise routine to rehabilitate herself. Thanks to this powerful technique, she is now living pain-free for almost two decades.

Emily decided to share this technique with others, and for this reason, she has created a program called “Back To Life.” If you or your loved one is suffering from chronic back pain for many years, then you can use this program to relieve back pain by strengthening your core.

Here is how it works

Back To Life Core-Strengthening Exercises:

This program organized in three level for a total of 3 weeks. The first week is the mildest one because in this week you will slowly reducing pain and inflammation, before switching to more intense core-strengthening levels.

Here is what happens:

Level 1:

back pain stretch exercises

Exercises in this level are easy and straightforward. All you need is a chair to perform these simple stretching exercises. The sole purpose of these exercises is to make your body start moving to improve mobility and flexibility for higher levels of this program.

It might be possible you may get muscles soreness after performing these exercises. The best way to treat muscle soreness is to drink a lot of water to improve blood flow into your body.

This level contains exercises that you have to perform in the seated position. You can use a chair, sofa or edge of your bed.

Level 2:

This level 2 is a little bit harder than level 1 that is why it is important to go slow and carefully. Always listen to your body. In case if you have someone for help then don’t shy from asking support.

Exercises in this level have to be perform on the floor. In this case, a yoga mat or carpet will be helpful.

Level 3:

This level 3 is the advanced version of level 2 exercises. You have to perform these exercises on a yoga mat or carpet. As you progress you will feel pain in your abdominal muscles, don’t worry this pain will go away in a few days.

Make sure you don’t stretch your body too much. Go slowly and carefully and try to complete one level in a day and practice it for a whole week before switching to the next level.

Sample Workouts:

Exercise #1 – Back Release Stretch: Forward Fold:

Forward Fold Exercise

Note: This is one of my favorite exercises and it is really effective in treating back pain.

Level 1:

Sit at the edge of the chair and bend your back forward, allowing your chest to touch your thighs. Tuck your chin that allows the back muscles of your neck to relax. Bring your shoulders as well. Focus on taking deep breathing that stretches the muscles of your back and feels every release of a tension muscle when you exhale. Make sure your breathing is long and deep. Don’t try to rush to complete this exercise. Keep in mind, your breathing is your biggest ally when it comes to relaxing and releasing tense muscles.

Level 2:

If you want to feel a deeper stretch, then stand on your feet and bend your back forward. Make sure you take a deep bend in your knees so you aren’t stressing your low back. In this position, you have to grab your opposite elbows and let your arms hang. Remember, you have to allow your head to hang as well and don’t try to look up or at the ground.


  • Inhale and exhale through your nose – this will put a natural calming effect on your body
  • Keep your eyes closed and feel the stretch

Exercise #2 – Neck and Shoulder Relief Exercise: The Chest Stretch

Chest Stretch

Level 1:

Sit on the edge of the chair or sofa and bring both hands behind you to clasp them together or hold the back of the chair. Draw your shoulder back and lift your chest forward. You will feel a nice stretch in the chest and front of your shoulders. Take deep breathe and allow your chest to expand while you inhale.

Level 2:

If you want to feel slightly more stretch then find a doorway and bring your hands in the goalpost position while your hands resting at the door frame. Bring your chest forward until you start feeling a stretch in your chest and back of your shoulder muscles. Start inhaling slowly through your nose and hold your stretch for 40 seconds. Try different positions, lifting your elbows and hold each position for 40 seconds to feel stretch in your body.

These are just two sample stretching exercises you will find inside Emily’s Back To Life program. If you want more then let me know in the comment section below or download Emily’s program for video tutorials.

back to life exercises

Final Verdict – Is Back To Life Worth Investing?

At the end of this Back To Life review, I would like to say; this program offers a simple yet effective alternative option to costly therapist sessions. This program will help you to get out from the dependence on painkillers.

This program is the result of years of research and expertise by a reputable author highlighting body’s natural healing ability. The author Emily Lark has provided a simple and time-efficient approach in a progressive way that strengthens the core and eliminates back pain permanently.

The exercises mentioned in Back To Life program targets the underlying causes of back pain that are inflammation, posture misalignment and crossed syndrome. This program targets these underlying causes with a unique protocol of core-strengthening stretching exercises that is easy to implement anytime and anywhere.

All in all, I feel this Back To Life review will be helpful for all those people who are tired of anti-inflammatory drugs and looking to eliminate back pain once and for all. If you or your love is suffering from back pain since very long then don’t waste any minute now. Get Emily Lark’s Back To Life program and live pain-free forever!

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